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Welcome to the Davis New Mexico Scholarship registration page. This page contains the preliminary questions that will allow you to access the application. Registering will also send a form to your parents and to the college readiness program through which you are applying.

Be sure to take your time with this application and answer all of the questions truthfully and completely. If you need help or technical support, please contact the college readiness program through which you are applying.

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College Readiness Programs

Please indicate the college readiness program(s) in which you are currently enrolled. If you are not currently enrolled in one of these programs, you are not eligible for the scholarship. If you are enrolled in more than one program, please indicate all of the programs in which you are enrolled.

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Academy for Technology and the Classics
AVID Pojoaque
AVID Santa Fe
Breakthrough Santa Fe
College Horizons
NACA Inspired Schools Network
Navajo Prep
New Mexico School for the Arts
NMAIS (New Mexico Association of Independent Schools)
Rural Opportunities for College Access New Mexico (ROCA NM)
Simon Scholars Program
South Valley Academy
The MASTERS Program
Upward Bound Española

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Please enter information for your primary guardian. If you have more than one parent/guardian, please add additional parents/guardians to the form.

Please enter known information for all of your parents on the form, even if they are deceased. If information about one or more of your parents is unknown, enter "unknown" for the questions about whether or not they are living. If there are special circumstances about your parents/guardians that requires additional explanation, please contact the college readiness program through which you are applying and they can attach an explanatory letter to your application.

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